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A Summary of The Local Traveller

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde.

Travel is not just a holiday; it is a journey. It is a moment in time where you will both lose and find yourself. Travel is easy. Sure, it can be difficult at times. You’re tired, exhausted and sometimes even frustrated. But this is always contrasted by the beauty that you will find each and every day, the freedom you will experience and the happiness it will bring.

The real challenge starts when your journey is over and you have to somehow fit the life you just lived, in the tiny suitcase you will bring home. It is astonishing how quickly we fall back into our old patterns and how swiftly all returns to “normal”. It is exactly this that terrifies me beyond belief. You will come home to realise that although life changed for you, even if only for a moment, that it is exactly as you left it when you departed. When trying to fit yourself back into the life you left, you really realise what is behind you and how much it changed.

Yet somehow, nothing did. Neverthless, the time spent on travels are not ever seem to be wasted. Instead, it often make you into a better person, and/or be knowledge in the travel-related planning.

So, travel now instead of waiting for it to happen. Come, and join me in the travel journey now!



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